Rotary BOD 2011/12

Rtn. Bigyan Lal Shrestha
ID: 5852168
Classification: Business
Name of Firm: Pinnacle Digital Flex Print
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Rtn. Suman Kumar Shrestha 'B'
ID: 58521798
Classification: Furniture
Name of Firm: Narayani Furniture Centre
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President Elect
Rtn. Ramesh Shrestha
ID: 5990243
Classification: Edible Oil Producer
Name of Firm: Mohan Oil Industries
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Vice Elect
Rtn. Rajendra Oli
ID: 6436481
Classification: Business
Name of Firm: Oli Plastic Center
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Rtn. Ishwor Shrestha
ID: 5852163
Classification: Poultry
Name of Firm: Tridev Poultry Farm
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Joint Secretary
Rtn. Sanjay Shrestha
ID: 6612033
Classification: Plastic Trading
Name of Firm: Shrestha Brothers
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PHF. Rtn. Sahan Pradhan
ID: 5852166
Classification: Broadcasting System
Name of Firm: Synergy FM Pvt. Ltd.
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Chairman, Club Administration Commity
Rtn. Manoj Pradhan
ID: 5848653
Classification: Refrigeneration Plant
Name of Firm: Pradhan Mini Cold Stoage
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Chair, Public Relations
Rtn. Bishal Shrestha
ID: 5852186
Classification: Business
Name of Firm: Saran Tel Udhyog
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Chair, Service Projects
PHF Rtn. Chun Narayan Shrestha
ID: 5852142
Classification: Lecturer
Name of Firm: Balkumari College
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Chair, Rotary Foundation
MPHF Rtn. Arun Piya
ID: 5852177
Classification: Manufacturer
Name of Firm: Piya Plastic Industries
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Chair, Membership
PHF Rtn. Niranjan Pradhan
ID: 5848651
Classification: Soft Drink Supplier
Name of Firm: Nepal Bank Limited
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Sgt. at Arms
Rtn. Sunil Rana
ID: 8165425
Classification: Banker
Name of Firm: NIC Bank
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Rtn. Sunil Khanal
ID: 8237426
Classification: Furniturer
Name of Firm: Chitwan Furniture
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