Rotary Club Roaster 2013/14

PHF Rtn. Sahan Pradhan
ID: 5852166
Classification: Broadcasting System
Name of Firm: Synergy FM Pvt. Ltd.
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Immediate Past President
PHF Rtn. Ramesh Shrestha
ID: 5990243
Classification: Edible Oil Producer
Name of Firm: Mohan Oil Industries
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President Elect
PHF Rtn. Ishwor Shrestha
ID: 5852163
Classification: Poultry
Name of Firm: Tridev Poultry Farm
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President Nominee
PHF Rtn. Rajendra Oli
ID: 6436481
Classification: Plastic Distributor
Name of Firm: Oli Plastic Centre
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Vice President
PHF Rtn. Sanjaya Shrestha
ID: 6612033
Classification: Plastic Wholesalers
Name of Firm: Shrestha Brothers
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PHF Rtn. Sudeep Shrestha
ID: 6908278
Classification: Business
Name of Firm: Chitrawati Leisure Center Pvt. Ltd
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Joint Secretary
Rtn. Anukul Shrestha 'Pranav' (RFSM)
ID: 8516716
Classification: Modular Kitchen Supplier
Name of Firm: Chitwan Kitchen Concept
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Rtn. Sushan Lal Pradhan
ID: 8567947
Classification: Beverage Ind.
Name of Firm: Pradhan Mineral Water & Beverage Ind.
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Voc. Ser. Dir.
PHF Rtn. Niranjan Pradhan
ID: 5848651
Classification: Bankers
Name of Firm: Nepal Bank Limited
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Club Ser. Director
MPHF Rtn. Arun Piya
ID: 5852177
Classification: Manufacturer
Name of Firm: Piya Plastic Industries
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Comm. Ser. Dir.
Rtn. Bishal Shrestha
ID: 5852186
Classification: Grocery
Name of Firm: Nibi Stores
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New. Gen. Ser. Dir.
PHF Rtn. Suman Kumar Shrestha
ID: 5852179
Classification: Furniture Manufacturer
Name of Firm: Narayani Furniture Center
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Int. Ser. Dir.
PHF Rtn. Bigyan Lal Shrestha
ID: 5852168
Classification: Printing
Name of Firm: Pinnacle Digital Flex Print
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RFSM Rtn. Arun Kumar Khanal
ID: 8237426
Classification: Furniture Manufacturer
Name of Firm: Chitwan Furniture
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Rtn. Narayan Pradhan
ID: 5852181
Classification: Liquors Distributor
Name of Firm: Pradhan Distributor
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