About Rotaract Club of Narayangarh

Rotaract is an important wing of Rotary which represents a group of youths under the age of 30. It involves the enthusiastic youths in community service and helps them to build their leadership and communication skills. Rotaract movement involves the motto of “ Fellowship Through Service” and binds the youths in a feeling of brotherhood and togetherness through their continuous interaction and co-operation in community works. With a similar motive, Rotaract Club of Narayangarhwas chartered in 2011 through the initiation of Rotary Club ofNarayangarh. Rotaract Club of Narayangarh has been actively partnering with its parent or sponsoring club Rotary Club ofNarayangarh in a number of service projects since its establishment. The community projects involves a variety a activities including Dental camps, Child Health camps, Animal Health Camps and Blood Donation Programs. The Club members are actively volunteering in the local programs organized in the community at different times. The members who mostly represent the college level students have been trying to be example for the society in humanitarian activities. Rotaractplateform is a way to be a future Rotarian who is abided by motto of “Service Above Self”.
Thus, Rotaract and Rotary members together form Partner-in- Service to contribute something for the better of the society through the individual and selfless efforts and devotions.