Nalbung Solar Lifted Water Supply Project Inaugurated

A solar powered rural water supply project to serve 49 households of Nalbung village of Tanahun was inaugurated on 24th June by the Chairperson of Devghat Rural Municipality Mr. Durga Bahadur Thapa. The project was started on 15th February 2020 and was completed on 7th June 2020. 

Nalbung village was served by a gravity flow water supply system some 22 years ago with technical/ financial support of WARM-P/ Helvetas. The water source was completely dried up due to the 2015 devastating earthquake in Nepal. Nalbung people were spending several hours to fetch a trip of water from remote spring sources, some of these sources become completely dry during April-June every year. With Technical and financial support from Narayangarh Rotary Club, new Nalbung solar lifted water supply project is built. All 49 households are served by yard connections with water meters and 4500 meters distribution pipes. Water is lifted by a 7.5 HP solar pump (9.24 Kw solar PV) to the 14,000 liters capacity reservoir tank located at a height of 150 meters from the water source. The total project cost was 3,216,000 NPR, among which 2,000,000 NPR was provided by Devghat Rural Municipality, 554,000 NPR was by RC Narayangarh and rest was managed by the community itself.