Bhujelgaon Rural Water Supply Project Inaugurated

Bhujelgaon water supply project, a small gravity flow water supply scheme to serve 35 households with a 2 HP pump and 28 taps was inaugurated on 29th May 2020 by the Mayor of Gaidakot municipality, Mr. Chhatra Raj Poudel. Bhujelgaon rural water supply project has served 175 people of 35 households in Gaidakot municipality, ward no. 3 of Nawalparasi district. The project was funded by individual members of Rotary club of Narayangarh, Rotary club of Gaidakot and Gaidakot municipality. Before the project, people of Bhujelgaon used to fetch water from a spring source located at a one-way walking distance of 35 minutes. Now, all households do have their own private taps at their yards with continuous water flow. Technically, the water from a 12,000 liters sump well is lifted to a 16,000 liters reservoir tank at an elevation difference of 62 meters by a single stage single phase 2 HP pump. The water is treated by a Chlorine dosing at the inlet chamber of the reservoir tank. A total of 2900 meters distribution pipeline is laid in the village to supply water to all taps. The cash contribution from RC Narayangarh was 250,000 NPR.