Message from the Rotaract's President 2017/18

Dear Rotaractor Friends,

Namaste and Warm greetings!!

First of all, I am Thankful to my fellow Rotaractors for entrusting me with honor and privilege of serving as President of Rotaract Club of Narayangarh. Moreover, I would like to congratulate and thank to our very much delightful person IPP- Rtr. Isha Pradhan and her team for successfully leading the club. Certainly, we are proud of all the achievements we’ve made possible through all the hard work during the year. Because of this and also all the other noteworthy contributions made by the Past Presidents and the members in upholding the image of our club, it is indeed a matter of honor to have the responsibility to lead the team for Rota-Year 2017-18.

2017-18 RI President Ian H.S Riseley announces his presidential theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. As well as 2017-18 DRR Rtr. Hari Chandra Satyal theme, Rotaract Builds Hope assure you that we are here for a reason, to inherit and make difference & builds hope. So, let us hold a hands together to accept a mission/ vission.

As a new president of a club with six years of active and notable legacy, I assure you that with the support of the new team and all the members we shall do our best to uplift the club further. Rotaract club of Narayangarh theme for Year 2017-18: Build Leaders. In this year we are seeking emerging leaders. With that theme I would like to join hands to achieve goals, fulfill purposes as a Rotaractors and make an example for future Rotaractors and future young leaders to emulate. We are here to service and care about not just our society but also humanity.

And last but not the list I would like to congratulate our twin club Rotaract Club of Butwal and our triplet club Rotaract Club of Central Butwal and Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Midtwon. Wish you all the best both our twin cluband triplet clubs. Hope this year we grab more achievements together.

Finally, I am wholeheartedly counting on your unwavering support of all the members, parent club lending their helping hands personally and unexpectedly.


President (RY 017/18)

Rtr. Nisha Pradhan

Rotaract Club of Narayangarh